Notable Projects

  June 2, 2017

I’ve worked on a lot of web projects over the years. Here are some notable ones I did for fun or for work.

News Fetcher Proxy Server:

  • Retrieved news articles from multiple sources, compiled and formatted articles and returns it to site via XML
  • Tools: Bash Scripting, Wget, Cron, PHP CLI
  • Repo: Bitbucket Source
  • Source Code: Bitbucket Source

MLS Realtor Property Retrieval

  • Retrieved Property listing by parsing HTML content from MLS
  • Stopped this after a year of operation when I discovered that it was illegal to do this – but learnt a lot about parsing. Used this same method in News Fetcher Proxy Server.
  • Tools: Cron, PHP
  • Source Code: Bitbucket Source

KeyVal (.NET Desktop Application)

  • Simple Key Generator Desktop App.
  • User would store integer keys that matched string values and then retrieve the value combination of two keys
  • Tools: C# .NET, WPF, SQLite
  • Source: GitHub Repo


  • Scaling architecture
  • improved load times
  • Site rebuilding
  • More Info

Windows/Linux Backup Utility

  • Simple NAS BackUp Utility
  • Used rsync to perform incremental backups of Windows and Linux drives over the network
  • Source Code: BashBackUp Code On Github